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How Spare Power Supply Works?

We are an online retailer, able to provide competitive prices by cutting out the big stores, and shipping quality products straight to you! Not only do we have a wide variety of portable power options, but we provide helpful, convenient customer support.

There's a problem with online shopping today: Either you have to search everywhere, or you get bombarded with low-quality products.

We took the initiative to give you our winning brands, all in one place!


Spare Power Supply was created from the hard work and dedication of Colton Lee. Growing up to be a 3rd generational power line worker, he experienced a growing problem: Power not being portable.

"In the modern day, everything requires electricity. Why not make it accessible, no matter where you are?" -Colton L

Our Goal

We strive to upgrade outdoor gatherings, and camping trips by providing portable power. Outlets aren't just anywhere, and we wanted to find a way to light up our campground without a stinky generator or long extension cords. We found a way to power whatever the occasion calls for with zero stress.

We also help people around the United States stay safe in their homes. Snowstorms are much more comfortable when your power can't go out. We keep Wi-Fi on, TV's playing, refrigerator's running, no matter the circumstance.

Our main focus is supplying power to everyone, even those on a budget. We try our hardest to provide the lowest price for every product, and if you find a better price, we can match it! On top of that, we also have store-wide discounts and promotions that can save you hundreds!

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